Explore #81: Maison l’oiseau bleu, Belgium – August 2014

Explore #3 of the Gigawatts & Megalolz Tour

By early afternoon on day one of the GW&ML tour the tiredness from a week at work and then no sleep at all the night before was starting to hit me. Luckily we didn’t have too much of a drive from Maison Clementine to our next explore – another abandoned house. This one was quite overlooked from the street outside, so we did our best to stay away from the ground floor windows. I’ve only got a small selection here, as I’m afraid I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired at this point.

As always click on a photo to VIEW LARGE.

Maison l'oiseau bleu - junk and hallway

Maison l'oiseau bleu - front room

Maison l'oiseau bleu - front room

Maison l'oiseau bleu - bedroom

Maison l'oiseau bleu - bathroom détail

Maison l'oiseau bleu - upstairs bedroom

Maison l'oiseau bleu - bedroom detail and perfumes

Maison l'oiseau bleu - bedroom détail

Maison l'oiseau bleu - bedroom window

Maison l'oiseau bleu - stairs

Maison l'oiseau bleu - living room window

Thanks for visiting – I’ve got many more reports coming very soon…
Adam X

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