Chernobyl: Ivan and Maria Ivanovitch, Paryshiv village – April 2015


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History After the disaster Ivan and his wife Maria were evacuated to an apartment block near Kiev. Hating the city, within two years they returned to their village just a few miles from the Chernobyl power plant, where they have … Continue reading

Explore #128: House of the Soldier’s Widow, UK – March 2015


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It was another pre-dawn start for the final day of our UK exploring long weekend. Luckily we didn’t have too far to drive to our first location of the day… a time capsule cottage on the outskirts of a small … Continue reading

Explore #126: The Cloud Cottage / Cloud House, Wales – March 2015


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At the end of a long working week I set off on a UK weekender with three explorer buddies – my usual partner in civil trespass James Kerwin, his girlfriend Jade, and the mysterious Slaaaayaaa (aka Ben). Our first stop … Continue reading