Explores #124 & #124a (revisit): Finsbury Park / Hornsey Wood reservoir, London – March 2015


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Something a wee bit special up next – a beautiful disused Victorian reservoir hidden beneath the heart of London. History Finsbury Park Reservoir, also known by its original name of Hornsey Wood reservoir, was built by the East London Water … Continue reading

Explore #109: The Underwater Ballroom / Victorian Folly, Witley Park, Surrey – some time in 2014…


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And now for something just a little bit special… Please sit back, relax, and learn of the truly incomparable ‘Witley Wonder’ – a Victorian folly built beneath a lake by an eccentric millionaire… *** IMPORTANT: Please note that Witley Park is … Continue reading

Explore #36: The Bunker, somewhere in the UK, some time ago…


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This was a pretty special explore – a huge cold-war era, 3-level air defence radar bunker. The location is top-secret, so don’t even think about asking, cos I won’t be telling! In order to protect the site as much as … Continue reading