About Me

A round-the-world trip after university fostered an obsession with travel which in turn sparked my love of photography – it all really began when I managed to capture this photo of a Hermit Crab in Caye Caulker, Belize back in 2004.

Whilst I love many forms of art I am largely rubbish at it myself – I have a singing voice once assessed by my childhood piano teacher as spanning roughly 3 notes an octave and a half below middle C, and it hasn’t got any better with age. I wouldn’t know which end to hold a paintbrush, and my attempts at drawing would embarrass a 5 year old. Whilst I profess no serious talent with photography, it does at least give me a creative outlet which produces results which (usually) don’t induce tears and reproach from my nearest and dearest or the viewing public in general.

I got into Urban Exploration in mid 2013, and my first unexpectedly successful explores were the inspiration to bang my head repeatedly against hard inanimate objects for hours on end to learn the noddy basics required to design and create this blog.

I’ve shot with various cameras over the years, from the 3 megapixel compact which first got me hooked to my current main setup (from explores #57 onwards) of a Canon 5Dmk3 with 16-35mm L and Canon 7D with 50mm f/1.8. I also use a Sony RX100M2 compact from time to time.

Location / Access information
I will never give out any information not already volunteered in my posts. Such information is deliberately withheld to protect such locations from unwanted attention and the theft and vandalism which occurs with depressing frequency.

My advice to anyone thinking of getting into Urban Exploration is to get out there and do it – just make sure you take the necessary safety precautions and know your limits (even if you decide to push them!). Each of us has the freedom and power to define what it is we want out of such a pastime – be that climbing up cranes, wading through sewers, or admiring the peeling paint in an asylum’s corridors!

For a comprehensive and brilliantly-written introduction to Urban Exploration, I would definitely recommend having a look at my good friend Urban X’s website, and his FAQs.

Thanks for looking, and any (constructive) feedback always appreciated and gratefully received.

Adam X

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