Explore #1: Rock N Roll Farm, Norfolk – August 2013

This was my very first explore, and was successful beyond my wildest hopes. The site is a farmhouse and outbuildings in rural Norfolk, and from what I can gather has been empty since circa 2006. I visited with Dora P (aka Mrs X), and we were fully expecting to be unable to gain access to the farmhouse itself, but were pleasantly suprised!

Thanks for looking.

7 thoughts on “Explore #1: Rock N Roll Farm, Norfolk – August 2013

    • Sorry, but keeping location deliberately vague so as to avoid any unwanted attention! With a little research/googling the location is relatively easy to find – after all I found it! Cheers, Adam X


  1. I loved this place Adam. Although when James and I visited there was definitely no steam roller.

    A great explore non the less. You got some good shots too, did you go down into the cellar?


    • Cheers – yes did see the cellar, and room up the other little staircase off the kitchen, but didn’t include shots from there as they weren’t worth adding! 🙂


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