Explore #126: The Cloud Cottage / Cloud House, Wales – March 2015


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At the end of a long working week I set off on a UK weekender with three explorer buddies – my usual partner in civil trespass James Kerwin, his girlfriend Jade, and the mysterious Slaaaayaaa (aka Ben). Our first stop … Continue reading

Explore #82: Bowling Alley / Medieval Bar / Windmill, Belgium – August 2014


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Explore #4 of the Gigawatts & Megalolz Tour Pressing on through the sleep deprivation, next on our hit list was this Bowling Alley. Or was it a medieval theme bar? Or was it a windmill? It was all three of … Continue reading

Explore #35: Hartsbuckle Farm, Liston, near Long Melford, Suffolk – February 2014


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As I parked up to explore Bush Boake Allen I saw that the modest-looking farm buildings on the opposite side of the road were sporting some Herras fencing. Any sort of fencing/boarding/scaffolding is pure explorer catnip, but I decided that … Continue reading