Explore #147: Manoir Cacophonie / Chateau Musique, France – October 2015

Explore #5 of ‘The Royal Variety Tour’

Late afternoon on the first day of our France/Belgium weekender, the next location was a quick visit to a beautiful old manor house, buried in overgrown woodland on the outskirts of a French town…


I don’t know anything about the history of this place – there are rumours that the owner now lives in Costa Rica, but who knows. It is clear that music, painting, and art in general was a big part of the owner’s life, and there are artefacts and other possessions going back many decades. We could have spent hours here, but the light was fading all the time and we had one final location to squeeze in before dark, so made do with a quick look around and reluctantly dragged ourselves away.

As always, click on a photo to VIEW LARGE

Various paintings left behind…



I don’t think I’ve come across a pinball machine on an explore before!

One of a number of pianos left throughout the house.

The attic space was a huge riotous mess of possessions strewn about. Quite sad to see probably many lives’ worth of accumulations left to this.

More items were piled up in other rooms throughout the house…

…a collection of old radios / wirelesses, no doubt artfully arranged by previous explorers…



Going back down the stairs I grabbed another shot of the paintings room as the setting sun was busting through the window (thanks for the heads up James! 🙂 )


By the time I photographed this ground floor living room it was getting pretty dark and we knew we’d better head off to our next location.

I grabbed a couple more quick shots and then we made our way out.




Thanks for looking.
Adam X

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